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Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, which is home to many museums and the architectural building which is enough to attract the tourists from across the globe. The city is considered the most sought after destination for the tourists in Europe. If you wish to visit the place once in your life time, here the list of the most popular locations in Amsterdam.

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  • The Rijksmuseum: It is one of the most famous tourist attracts in Europe. It is considered the important art repository in that country. It was set in the year of 1809. It is home to the rare collection of art and picture.The odd 5000 paintings , seven million works of art spread across 250 rooms attracts thousands of tourists around the globe.Apart from these, the Rijksmuseum boasts of library which is home to 35000 rare books.
  • The Van Gogh Museum: The Van Gogh Museums has been top the attractions in Amsterdam since it opened in the year of 1972. It is home to rare collection of paitings and art of the country’s painting stalwarts. It is reported that the museum is considered the world’s largest collection of paintings and arts. Apart from that, there are 700 letters which was once written by the country’s stalwarts to their relative and friends found in the museum. In addition, the authority organise the educational workshops in photography and painting.
  • Vondelpark: This park is considered the most visited park in Amsterdam. It is situated in the area of 116 acres of land. The green space with ample paths and the pond attracts the many tourists from across the Europe. The park has rose garden and 70 types of flower. Apart from that, there are variety of sculptures, playgrounds, statues in that park. The park has open thetre which serves stage productions and musical concerts for the tourists.

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