Visit the Historical Sites in Afghanistan and Use United Airlines Deals

Afghanistan is the subject of many books; it is always in the news for socio-political, geopolitical and socio-economic reasons. Its culture is a puzzle to solve and something one must experience, and Afghanistan is also the place to be if you are a mystic in search of God.

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That is not all, Afghanistan has many historical sites which you should visit when you are traveling to the Islamic nation so let us see which sites are to be visited when you are there

Buddha Niche: The most massive Buddha statues in the country were earlier part of Afghanistan. Later, the figures were wiped off, but the empty spaces that now are found in place of the statues still mark the site and remind one of the Buddhist philosophies that nothing is permanent, and everything comes with an expiry date. Ironic as it is. This is 7th-century glory being talked. If you wish to visit then start planning and get your United Airlines Flights booked already.

Kabul: This great city is the capital of Afghanistan. Must-visit here is the Gardens of Babur and the Afghan national museum. If one is spiritual, he or she will find much to do there. Make up your mind and make your United Airlines Reservations.

Mazar-e-Sharif: If you go to Afghanistan and you do not get to Mazar-e-Sharif, then your trip is incomplete. The mosque, it has been designed on the concept seen in a dream by someone, and it happens to be a shrine around which the whole city was later planned. The place is the land of contrasts.

Kandahar: Nobody seems to know that Alexander founded what we today call, ‘Kandahar.’ The history and culture of the war-ravaged place take many a traveler there. The people there are real people, full of pride, and resilience and people who are full of warmth. Travelers would have a gala time there just exploring what makes Kandahar a world famous site on the world map. The real deal is that the place Kandahar is the heart and soul of Afghanistan.

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